ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 – The Green Route to Your Success

Active environmental protection is an increasingly important factor for a company’s success today. Consumers are critically aware of whether the manufacturing process, distribution and the use of a product are designed with the environment in mind. Active environmental protection thus promotes a convincing company profile and has become a real marketing advantage.

Ecology and economy in harmony

An ISO 14001 environmental management system provides a systematic approach that helps you verify hazard potentials, control them and thus prevent critical incidents reducing the risk of legal liabilities. Functional environmental management is built on the basis of clear operational sequences and responsibilities. By identifying applicable legal requirements and building environmental protection right into your processes, you take a proactive and preventive approach. This leads often to more efficient manufacturing processes, thus reducing costs and balancing your economic and environmental needs. Environmental protection does not need to be expensive if you take control of it systematically.

ISO 14001 in brief

Aims to find an efficient balance between ecological and economical requirements

  • Focus on significant environmental impacts and their control
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act process to achieve continuous improvement
  • Requires a management policy, structured documentation, clear objectives and the involvement of all employees

Designed to be part of an integrated system incorporating ISO 9001, OHSAS or similar standards

  • ISO 14001 Benefits
  • Reduces energy and material costs
  • Reduces pollutant and waste output
  • Prevents environmental accidents
  • Reduces risks of legal liabilities
  • Improves the company's financial standing
  • Supports sustainable development
  • Ensures compliance with local environmental regulations and adaptability with their future development
  • Improves the company image among regulators, customers and the public
  • Improves management effectiveness through continuous improvement process.