Date of Establishment:
Nature of Activities:
Quality Management Consulting and Training
Head Manager
Rami Chidiac/ Senior Quality Management Consultant


The Management at ISO Liban is committed to quality and continual improvement in all areas of the company. Our aim is to provide Lebanese & Regional companies with quality consulting & training in order to help them improve their business.

We thrive to cooperate with competent employees and qualified experts to meet the quality management system requirements stated in international standards & to continually improve the company’s processes so to insure the company’s goals for quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are always met.

ISO Liban’s strategic objective is to maintain and improve the quality of service, in order to meet consistently customer requirements and internal managerial needs.

ISO Liban’s management is dedicated towards upgrading employees’ skills by constantly training them & continuously upraising their performance.


We aim to be our clients’ leading Quality Providers by considering customer satisfaction as our company’s main priority.